Are You a Puller or Are You a Pusher in Life? Getting More From Pulling People Instead of Pushing Them


I recently listened and watched a great google hangout live event with Onyx Coale as the speaker. She is a mega giant in the network marketing industry and is worth over 17 million dollars. Anyway, I was just curious about her and when the invite came to check her out I thought why not.

The topic that really struck me was when she spoke about being a puller rather than a pusher in life.. with your children, friends, work, etc… I had to look at myself and think am I a pusher or puller… I think lately I have been more of a puller, but in the past I was definitely the pusher.

Puller = a person who “pulls” people into their life and their way of thinking and doing things through discussion, reason, being calm and compelling in the direction they want to pull in… it basically is letting the other person choose for himself/herself to follow your lead and path.. they come to you for questions, they come to you for advice, etc.

Pusher= a person who dominates and “pushes” people into doing things the way they want them to. A very controlling type person, typically your type A control freaks would fit into this category… just my describing it you can see how much harder it is to push people into something rather than to pull them into it.

When I think of people that try to push or pull me into their way, I can actual think of how I felt when being pushed… angry, resentful, pressured, frustrated versus when I have been pulled in the past- feelings of empowerment, feeling heard and excited to follow a certain path.

I mention this topic to challenge you to pull more in your life with the people around you and see if you get more of what you want, versus pushing and dominating people.

With love and gratitude! Happy Saturday Night!

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

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  1. Ramesh Shankerlal - October 3, 2013 10:38 pm

    I strongly agree to your statement. Thanks


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