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Thanks for checking out my blog! Here is a quick video with some interesting facts about me.


I am a constant positive thinker that believes in the power of mindset and positive thinking. I live by the law of attraction and I have seen it work in my life everyday. This blog was originally inspired during a time when I was completing a 60 day Bikram Yoga Challenge and I wanted to journal about my journey. I wasn’t always the person I am today. There has definitely been an evolution within myself and around me that has taken place over the years. My husband, Michael has witnessed this amazing transformation that is still ongoing. (I believe you should always be stretching yourself to be better.)

I am a child of middle class immigrant Korean parents who instilled me incredible work ethic and a discipline to achieve anything I set my mind on. The flip side is that it wasn’t the best childhood (I will leave it at that to spare my family). I never exercised through out my childhood or adolescence , it wasn’t until late in my college years that I embarked into the world of healthiness.

Fast forward to my late 20s, I ran the 2004 NYC Marathon and then the 2009 Marine Corps Marathon (After having 2 kids mind you and beating my original time). I became a crazy fitness person and also started incorporating not just healthy eating but holistic eating..(eating foods not processed and out of packages) —> Mind you I am a human being… everyone that knows me personally knows I LOVE to eat sweets and all that “fun” food that isn’t necessarily the best for you. I live by the rule

Everything in Moderation, Even Moderation

I found Bikram Yoga Richmond in September of 2010 and it was love at first sight for me (workout wise). It was the first workout that truly incorporated my mind, body, and spirit and it truly healed me over time in more ways than I can explain. I know that I wouldn’t be the person today without Bikram Yoga. I go through my spurts of attending class daily and sometimes twice a day and then going spurts without going to class but I always come back home to Bikram Yoga.

I have been through my share of heart ache and disappointment like most people in the world, but what I see now so clearly is that all the things in my past have brought me to the point where I am today. I know I was put on this earth to help others and be an example. I know that I can mentor and inspire others to follow their dreams and also help them discover what it is exactly makes them HAPPY.

All this came about because my husband decided to join a online network marketing company. I didn’t really understand what it was all about until I went with him to Denver, CO this July to one of their company events. I was able to see then, why he was so excited and the amazing possibilities that would be open to us, if we weren’t scared and went for it… as they like to say TAKE MASSIVE ACTION. I am sure many of you reading this will think it is some pyramid scam of some sort, when in actuality it is just a network marketing company that sells a viral blogging platform and AMAZING marketing training tools that will help you to monetize your blog —> Underneath it all, it really is an opportunity to understand who you are at the core and develop and hone those talents so that you can help others.

After coming back from Denver, I realized that I needed to reconnect with my blog and what I really wanted for myself and two beautiful children, Clover and Sebastian:

Clover & Sebastian at Monkey Joe's

Clover & Sebastian at Monkey Joe’s

I know my life purpose is NOT to work at a corporate sales job till I am 65 and then retire (probably not be able to retire). I want to be at home with my kids and travel and work remotely from anywhere we decide to live. This vision is now a reality in the making.

I am laser focused at changing my life and transitioning out of the status quo… I know there are others that are wanting to take this bold step but scared. That is why I am blogging… to show you how I am doing this, to share with you tips and advice on living the best life you can live. To help you have a mind shift so that you can have a life shift.




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