FEAR: What things do you not pursue because of FEAR?


20130816-221351.jpgAre you a fearful person? I would say that most people wouldn’t describe themselves as fearful unless they have some type of phobia. I know there are a ton of them out there — even fear of bridges and tunnels… that is the latest one I have heard.

Even though you may say you aren’t a fearful person, do you not do things because you think you may FAIL? That would be called FEAR my friend.

NOT DOING something because you think you may fail or that you are worried about how it will turn out is a version of fear and keeps us from living the fullest life possible.

Where do you think the concept of NO FEAR came from? When you start challenging your fears and getting uncomfortable in your life – CHANGE happens… which then ripples into all areas of your life! Do you have a desire to follow a dream and work from home or a desire to do something that you wouldn’t dare say aloud? I say DO IT! DO it now and don’t fear because that holds you back and keeps you from the life you are supposed to have.

For myself it means taking the plunge and doing this blog and working with my husband with the online marketing business on the side on top of my full time job. I had fear before about how people would look at me for doing something so unconventional. I faced that fear by looking at what is the other side of fear look like… for me it looks like financial FREEDOM! It looks like TRAVELING! It looks like being with my FAMILY! If you are also interested in following my path and want to blog a little everyday and learn to market and also gain awesome leadership skills. CLICK HERE  It truly has changed my life and I am so grateful everyday that my life path is now what it is.
Do you want this to be your life? I do!


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